Refactory mixes

Deflocculated mixes

Name of mixMain componentChemical composition, %Density after firing at 800˚С,
Cold crushing strength, N/mm2Thermal conductivity at mean temperature 500˚С,W/m*KMax. service temperature, ˚С
Al2O3SiO2Fe2O3CaOAfter drying at 110˚СAfter firing at 800˚С
ALICAST 37/4chamotte38532.542.160801.21250
ALICAST 37/2.5high-density chamotte42512.22.52.15801101.11400
ALKORIT 37/1.5 high-density chamotte43501.51.52.270801.21500
ALICAST 37/6chamotte41491.762608011300
ALIT 37АРСhigh-density chamotte51431.13.1230401.11350
ALKORIT 37/0chamotte37591.50.22.115301.11300
ALICAST 50/2.3high-density chamotte524312.32.31001201.31500
ALICAST 50/2.3Lchamotte51431.92.3250701.11500
ALKORIT 53/1.5high-density chamotte57390.91.52.240601.31550
ALKORIT 57/1.5high-density chamotte, andalusite59370.81.52.340701.41650
ALIFEST 50high-density chamotte52441.20.52.3560801.61650
ALKORIT 63/1.5high-density chamotte64320.71.52.350801.41600
ALICAST 60/2.3andalusite62340.52.32.5801201.71650
ALKORIT 60/1.5andalusite66310.51.52.640601.71700
ALICAST 65/2.1mullite712312.12.5801201.71550
ALKORIT 69/1.5mullite752111.52.550801.71600
ALKORIT 69/1.0Smullite7719112.640601.81600
ALKORIT 85/1.0bauxite8610112.8550802.21650
ALKORIT 85/1.5bauxite87811.52.85801202.21550
ALICAST 80/2.5bauxite76151.52.52.751001502.11450
ALICAST 80/2.5АРbauxite811312.32.851301702.11450
ALICAST 80/2.5НТbauxite79161.32.22.81201602.21650
ALKORIT 80/0bauxite83131.20.12.930402.31400
ALIT 72АRSbauxite89413.12.85701202.21500
ALKORIT 80/1.0HTbauxite, andalusite8313112.850902.21700
ALIFEST 85bauxite86101.20.62.95701102.51700
ALIT 83corundum8970.32.52.951001502.81400
ALIT 83Scorundum9070.22.231201802.91450
ALIFEST 94Scorundum9450.10.63.151001503.11700
ALIT 97Scorundum970.10.12.738010031700
ALKORIT 98 corundum980.
ALIFEST 98 tabular alumina980.
ALICAST 37/2.5
ALICAST 37/1.5
ALICAST 50/2.3
ALKORIT 53/1.5
ALKORIT 57/1.5
ALKORIT 63/1.5
Deflocculated castables based on chamotte of different density and chemical composition. ALIKAST 37/4 is the most economical high-strength deflocculated castable with operating temperature up to 1250°C. ALICAST 37/2.5 and ALICAST 50/2.3, due to their high strength and heat resistance, are the most popular low-cement chamotte based castables with a very broad field of application. There are two types of ALICAST 50/2.3: basic and light weight ALICAST 50/2.ЗL with low density and thermal conductivity. ALICAST 37/6 is a deflocculated high-cement castable with a unique combination of very high abrasion resistance (less than 10 cm3 according to ASTM C704) and low thermal conductivity, which makes it appropriate for single-layered abrasion resistant thermal insulating linings.
ALKORIT 37/1.5, ALKORIT 53/1.5, ALKORIT 57/1.5 and ALKORIT 63/1.5 are low-cement chamotte based castables with high fire resistance. Their distinctive features: ALKORIT 37/1.5 - alkali resistance due to specially selected composition of its fine matrix and dense structure; ALKORIT 57/1.5 – high refractoriness and absence of shrinkage at high temperatures; ALKORIT 63/1.5 – very low iron content in its fine matrix what allows to use it in reducing atmospheres.
ALIT 37АRSEconomical self-flowing chamotte based castable.
ALICAST 60/2.3
ALKORIT 60/1.5
Low-cement andalusite based castables. At high temperatures a process of secondary mullite formation starts in andalusite based castables, and as it is accompanied by a slight increase of volume it compensates the shrinkage caused by sintering and minimizes the formation of cracks. This is especially common for low-cement ALKORIT 60/1.5, which is optimized in order to facilitate the process of mullitization. ALICAST 60/2.3 is a widely used material for linings of reheating furnaces of various designs.
ALICAST 65/2.1
ALKORIT 69/1.5
The main component of these castables is synthetic mullite. Mullite based castables are characterized by low creep at high temperatures and high thermal shock resistance.
ALKORIT 69/1.5 is often used in manufacturing of high quality burner blocks. ALKORIT 69/1.0S is a self-flowing ultra-low cement castable with very dense low porosity structure.
ALKORIT 85/1.0
ALKORIT 85/1.5
ALICAST 80/2.5
Deflocculated castables based on bauxite with 85-90% AL2O3 content. Four types of bauxite with different chemical composition, density and water absorption are used in manufacturing of these mixes.
Their mechanical strength, density and abrasion resistance surpass those of andalusite and mullite based castables, but their high temperature resistance and thermal stability are slightly lower. ALKORIT 85/1.0, ALKORIT 80/1.0НТ are ultra-low cement bauxite based mixes for operation at temperatures above 1600°C.
ALICAST 80/2.5, ALICAST 80/2.5НТ, ALICAST 80/2.5АР, are very popular low-cement bauxite based castables with a very broad field of application. They are produced in three versions:
ALICAST 80/2.5 – economical version based on ordinary bauxite; ALICAST 80/2.5HT - castable based on high-density bauxite for high temperature applications; ALICAST 80/2.5AP – castable based on high-purity bauxite with high density and strength and low iron content.
Self-flowing mixes based on high-density bauxite or corundum with a very low content of iron and silicon in their binder matrix. They have high refractory property, so it is recommended to use them in strongly reducing atmosphere, including hydrogen rich atmosphere.
ALIT 83Corundum based mix with very high strength and density. For more than twenty years, it has proved remarkably effective in various industries, especially in aluminium scrap melting furnaces.
Ultra-low cement ALIFEST mixes have coarse grain composition and a very complex and balanced binder matrix. The content of alumina cement in these castables generally does not exceed 2%. The structure of these castables is extremely dense, their thermomechanical characteristics are very high even at very high temperatures.
ALKORIT 37/0 and ALKORIT 80/0 do not contain alumina cement. They flow well after addition of small amount of water.