Refactory mixes

Light weight mixes

Name of mixMain componentChemical composition, %Density after firing at 800˚С,
Cold crushing strength, N/mm2Thermal conductivity at mean temperature 500˚С,W/m*KMax. service temperature, ˚С
Al2O3SiO2Fe2O3CaO3 days after moldingAfter firing at 800˚С
ALAKS 0.4-950 vermiculite, perlite30289220.
ALAKS 0.5-1000vermiculite322112240.510.80.151000
ALAKS 0.6-1000vermiculite331613250.61.510.161000
ALAKS .,7-1000vermiculite361912250.721.50.171000
ALAKS 0.8-1000vermiculite, haydite322711180.
ALAKS 0.8-1000Avermiculite, haydite36286180.
ALAKS 0.8-1000A/1,5lightweight chamotte, perlite43311.5210.8430.21000
ALAKS 0.8-1250Alightweight chamotte, perlite49341.2120.8320.21250
ALAKS 0.9-1000vermiculite, haydite323011170.9530.221000
ALAKS 1.0-1000vermiculite, haydite32301117173.50.241000
ALAKS 1.1-1100Тvermiculite36338191.1880.271100
ALAKS 1.1-1150Тperlite352910181.112100.271150
ALAKS 1.2-1150Нhaydite333011171.220150.31150
ALAKS 1.2-1200lightweight chamotte, vermiculite38339161.2740.31200
ALAKS 1.2-1200Рlightweight chamotte, vermiculite38398131.2530.31200
ALAKS 1.0-1250lightweight chamotte35427131640.31250
ALAKS 1.0-1250Slightweight chamotte38358161540.31250
ALAKS 1.0-1250ASlightweight chamotte513311211070.31250
ALAKS 1.0-1350lightweight chamotte40422131640.31350
ALAKS 1.2-1350lightweight chamotte41412131.21070.41350
ALAKS 1.4-1250lightweight chamotte39398131.41350.51250
ALAKS 1.4-1350lightweight chamotte43403121.41380.51350
ALAKS 1.4-1350TIlightweight chamotte38424121.4860.51350
ALAKS 1.6-1350lightweight chamotte43412.5111.622140.61350
ALAKS 1.4-1400Нlightweight chamotte, bubble alumina7790.5121.430300.551400
ALAKS 1.0-1500Lightweight high alumina materials850.20.2141330.31500
ALAKS 1.2-1500lightweight chamotte, corundum5731191.21280.421500
ALAKS 1.4-1550lightweight chamotte67210.891.417120.521550
ALAKS 1.4-1800bubble alumina890.10.1101.418150.75>1700
ALAKS 1.6-1800bubble alumina900.10.191.5525300.8>1700
ALAKS 1.6-1800Тbubble alumina860.20.1121.630500.85>1700
ALAKS 1.6-1800Sbubble alumina900.10.191.6530300.9>1700
ALAKS 0.4-950
ALAKS 0.5-1000
ALAKS 0.6-1000
ALAKS 0.7-1000
ALAKS 0.8-1000
ALAKS 0.9-1000
ALAKS 1.0-1000
Insulating castables with density from 0.4 g/cm3 to 1.0 g/cm3 and operating temperature from 950 to 1100°C. They have low thermal conductivity and quite high strength, retain their structure and properties in long-term operation.
ALAKS 0.6-1000 and ALAKS 0.9-1000 castables belong to classes N and O according to ASTM C401 and represent castables of 1:0:6 and 1:2:4 popular series respectively. For twenty years of production ALAKS 0.9-1000 mix has become "classic" material for linings of fired heaters of various designs.
It is recommended to use mixes with density less than 0.6 g/cm3 only in the inner lining layers. They provide highly efficient thermal insulation, as their thermal conductivity just slightly exceeds thermal conductivity of thermal insulating boards and fiber materials.
ALAKS 0.8-1000А
ALAKS 0.8-1000А/1.5
ALAKS 0.8-1250А
Thermal insulating castables with density of about 0.8 g/cm3 and low or very low iron content, designed for usage in reducing atmosphere, for example, in catalytic reformers, hydrotreaters and syngas generation units.
ALAKS 1.1-1100T
ALAKS 1.1-1150Т
ALAKS 1.2-1150Н
High-strength lightweight castables designed for service in conditions of frequent temperature changes and moderate erosion impacts.
ALAKS 1.2-1150Н mix can be applied only by casting, while ALAKS 1.1-1100Т and ALAKS 1.1-1150Т can be applied both by casting and gunning.
ALAKS 1.2-1200
ALAKS 1.2-1200Р
Vermiculite containing mixes designed for operation at temperatures up to 1200°С. The mix with “P” index is to be applied by patching, it is recommended for local repair works, and it is often used for linings of various boilers.
ALAKS 1.0-1250
ALAKS 1.0-1350
ALAKS 1.2-1350
ALAKS 1.4-1250
ALAKS 1.4-1350
ALAKS 1.6-1350
Light weight chamotte based mixes of different density and chemical composition. The mixes combine low thermal conductivity and high strength in relation to their density. They can be used in conditions of moderate abrasive impact. They are widely used in various industries both in inner and working lining layers of high-temperature furnaces.
ALAKS 1.4-1350 and ALAKS 1.6-1350 mixes are often used in single-layer linings of FCCU reactors and regenerators.
ALAKS 1.0-1250S
ALAKS 1.0-1250АS ALAKS 1.6-1800S
Self-flowing castables with low thermal conductivity. They flow without vibration. These mixes are indispensable for lining of large-sized structures of irregular shape as they easily fill hard-to-reach areas of a lining.
ALAKS 1.0-1250AC is a self-flowing mix with low thermal conductivity, high strength, low iron content and low heat shrinkage. At long operation, it preserves compact structure with a small number of cracks, so it can be used for linings with complex configuration operated in hydrogen rich environment, for example, in syngas collectors.
ALAKS 1.4-1400Н
ALAKS 1.0-1500
ALAKS 1.2-1500
ALAKS 1.4-1550
Light weight chamotte based castables (ALAKS 1.0-1500 – based on а porous high-alumina filler) operated at temperatures higher than 1400°C. Fine matrix of these castables has complex composition and is characterized by low Fe203 content, that is why they can be used in reducing atmosphere.
ALAKS 1.4-1800
ALAKS 1.6-1800
ALAKS 1.6-1800Т
ALAKS 1.6-1800S
High-purity bubble alumina based castables designed for operation at extremely high temperatures or/and in reducing condition, including hydrogen atmosphere. ALAKS 1.6-1800 has strength comparable to the strength of dense castables and standard bricks. As its density is much lower, it can be used as an alternative to conventional dense alumina castables in order to reduce thickness, weight and cost of the lining.
ALAKS 1.6-1800T can be applied by gunning, ALAKS 1.6-1800С, on the contrary, has very high flowability.