Refactory mixes

Regular dense mixes

Name of mixMain componentChemical composition, %Density after firing at 800˚С,
Cold crushing strength, N/mm2Thermal conductivity at mean temperature 500˚С,W/m*KMax. service temperature, ˚С
Al2O3SiO2Fe2O3CaO3 days after moldingafter firing at 800°C
ALKOR 37-25chamotte37464101.915150.81300
ALKOR 37-40chamotte40417101.930250.81300
ALKOR 37-50chamotte4243391.930250.81400
ALKOR 45high-density chamotte45421.592504011400
ALKOR 37-40Тchamotte40339151.950300.81300
ALKOR 37-50Тchamotte44363141.950300.81400
ALKOR 37-50КТchamotte40373141.960400.81200
ALKOR 45Тhigh-density chamotte45411.5101.950500.91400
ALKOR 45АТhigh-density chamotte51351.3102606011450
ALKOR 37-40chamotte39407111.930400.91300
ALKOR 37-50chamotte43403111.8530400.91400
ALKOR 37-50Dchamotte43403112.05407011400
ALKOR 37-50Кchamotte38402.5141.8540400.91200
ALKOR 56/5high-density chamotte5736152404011500
ALKOR 56/5Тhigh-density chamotte5635162303011500
ALKOR 56/5Chigh-density chamotte5835152.250701.11450
ALKOR 69АТmullite7416162.240601.41450
ALKOR 76bauxite8171.682.450401.61450
ALKOR 76АТbauxite8251.392.440701.61450
ALKOR 94corundum940.10.152.760702.5>1700
ALKOR 94ТАBtabular alumina940.10.152.660702.4>1700
ALKOR 94Тcorundum930.10.162.6601002.4>1700
ALKOR 94ТАB-Тtabular alumina930.10.162.5601002.3>1700
ALKOR 96corundum960.>1700
ALKOR 96ТАBtabular alumina960.>1700
ALKOR 37-25
ALKOR 37-40
ALKOR 37-50
Basic versions of castables made of chamotte and calcium aluminate cements of different composition and quality.
ALKOR 37-25 is the most economical mix used in cases when high strength is not required.
The binder of ALKOR 37-40 is high-quality synthetic fused alumina cement with more than 40% of AL2O3; ALKOR 37-50 and ALKOR 45 mixes contain high-alumina cements.
The main component of ALKOR 37-25, ALKOR 37-40 and ALKOR 37-50 is an ordinary chamotte; ALKOR 45 is based on high-density chamotte with more than 40% of Аl2O3 and low content of impurities.
It is recommended to apply these mixes by casting. Gunning is possible, but in this case it is better to use mixes with “T” index or ALIGUN.
ALKOR 37-40Т
ALKOR 37-50Т
Universal high-strength chamotte castables. They can be applied by casting, gunning and hand patching.
ALKOR 45T and ALKOR 45AT are based on high-density chamotte. ALKOR 45AT is characterized by high AL2O3 content in its fine matrix, it is recommended for use in reducing atmosphere.
ALKOR 37-50KT has high acid resistance.
ALIGUN 37-40
ALIGUN 37-50
Gunning high cement mixes with low rebound during gunning which are characterized by enhanced strength and abrasion resistance in comparison with similar ALKOR castables.
Due to a combination of low thermal conductivity and rather high abrasion resistance ALIGAN 37-50 has become basic material for single-layer linings of reactors and regenerators of FCCU.
These mixes have viscous consistence which is convenient for gunning, but addition of excess water makes it possible to apply them by casting with intense vibration. When casting method is used, it should be kept in mind that they set quickly. In this case it is recommended to use a setting retarder.
ALIGUN 37-50K has an enhanced acid resistance.
ALIGUN 37-50DIt is ALIGUN 37-50 with a separately supplied complex deflocculating and retarding admixture, which enhances strength and flowability of the castable and therefore allows to apply it by casting with vibration. The castable with admixture cannot be used for gunning.
ALKOR 56/5
High-density chamotte based high-alumina mixes with corundum matrix and with operating temperature up to 1500°С.
ALKOR 56/5S is a self-flowing castable.
ALKOR 56/5T mix, on the contrary, is recommended for gunning and hand patching, but it also can be applied by casting.
Fine binder matrix of these castables contains almost no Fe2O3 and SiO2, therefore they can be used in reducing atmosphere.
High-alumina mixes based on mullite or bauxite. For many years, ALKOR 76 has been the most popular material in manufacturing of burner blocks for furnaces of various types. ALKOR 69AT and ALKOR 76AT are modified for application by gunning and hand patching, but they also can be applied by casting.
High-purity corundum or tabular alumina based mixes with a very low iron and silicon content. They have exceptionally high refractoriness. Out of all the high-cement castables, only castables of this type can be used in contact with liquid steel. They are also recommended for usage in strongly reducing conditions, including hydrogen rich atmosphere. They are considered to be "classical" materials for lining of incinerators of hydrogen sulfide and other sulfur-containing products.
ALKOR 94T and ALKOR 94TАB-Т are modified for application by gunning and hand patching, but they also can be applied by casting. ALKOR 96, ALKOR 96ТАB, on the contrary, have high flowability, therefore they can’t be used for gunning.